Plan B

The weather forecast for this morning suggested that there was a chance of thunderstorms. So I set off to work an hour early, just on the off-chance that there might be an opportunity to get some lightning shots. It turned out to be rather foggy instead so I was forced to revert to plan B.

Irton Park III

Irton Park III

I headed up to an area of woodland which I am very familiar with (having spent many nights camping there when I was younger), safe in the knowledge that I could get some decent compositions without having to venture too far. By the time I arrived I only had around 30 minutes before I needed to head off to work, so I took my tripod and camera with 70-200mm lens and set off down the track into the woods. 

Woodland photography is not easy to get right and I have struggled to get many decent images over the years. However, in the short time I had this morning I managed to get a few images that I am really happy with, in particular the one shown here. The misty conditions with no wind were perfect for this location.

The Forestry Commission have cleared out a lot of the trees in this area which has left sections of open spaces, dotted with solitary trees and newly grown ferns. These open spaces allowed me to compose my shots from further away, keeping the composition simple without too many other distractions such as branches etc. It can be very difficult to compose a shot in amongst the trees as there is usually a branch or tree that gets in the way and just doesn't make the image work. The other benefit of shooting trees from distance is that it is easier to keep them vertical. Had I been standing closer with a wider angle lens, I would have needed to tilt the camera up which results in converging verticals (everything appears to be leaning backward). 

Overall this morning turned out well, despite being very short of time. It is always worth keeping places in mind for different conditions and ALWAYS have a plan B!