Peter henry

I am very fortunate to live on the West coast of Cumbria, only a 5 minute walk to the sea or a 20 minute drive to The Lake District. Surrounded by such fantastic scenery it will come as no surprise that my main interest photographically is landscapes and seascapes, although I do enjoy the challenge of urban and street photography which falls somewhat outside of my comfort zone. 

I have always enjoyed looking at and creating images, whether they are sketches, paintings or photographs. I studied Art and Design to A Level at school and followed this with a foundation course at College. At that point my only camera was a cheap 35mm point and shoot which was only ever used for snapshots, and that was only on rare occasions. All of my creative work was done without the use of a camera, mainly with charcoal, pastels or pencil. Following my college course I entered the world of work and my artwork went somewhat by the wayside. It wasn't until 2009, some 17 years later, when I stumbled across a couple of photography magazine websites and my creative instincts kicked in again. That is when I bought my first digital camera. 

The camera I chose was a Panasonic Bridge camera, which at the time I thought would suit my needs as a beginner as it had a long zoom and also worked for macro. At the time I didn't know the first thing about aperture, ISO, shutter speed and white balance settings so i figured an SLR would be jumping the gun somewhat. However, within a couple of months the photography bug really took hold and when I compared my images to those I was inspired by online, I realised that I needed to upgrade my kit. I sold my car, bought a cheap one to replace it (a £500 Mitsubishi Shogun which turned out to be a good investment in itself) and used the rest of the money to buy my first DSLR and 2 lenses. From then on I have never looked back.  I spent the following years teaching myself how to use a camera. From auto mode when I first started, to Aperture priority, then on to full manual control which allows me to be more creative.

I don't consider myself to have a photographic 'style', nor do I meticulously plan my images like some other photographers do. I prefer to head off to a location and see what I can make of the conditions as I go. That is not to say I don't return to locations if I find a good composition that I feel would work in 'better' conditions. I just enjoy getting out into the landscape with my camera and looking for the next image. My portfolio contains a mixture of classic landscape scenes plus a few which are a bit more abstract. 

I have been fortunate to have images shortlisted in The Landscape Photographer of the year competition for the last 3 years including 2 images which were 'Commended' in 2016 and included in the nationwide travelling exhibition.